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Professional Negligence

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You may be entitled to compensation for personal injury or professional negligence. Click the red button to contact us

If you suffered an injury and your claim was settled by a law firm in the past six years, you may feel that your lawyer settled the claim too soon; for too little; that they deducted fees which surprised you or felt too high; or that your claim was not dealt with properly.

You may still be suffering from your injuries long after your medical report predicted.

Your lawyer may not have arranged for you to be seen by a medical expert.

Perhaps you hit your head in your accident and were rendered unconscious, even for a few moments. If so, then your lawyer should have arranged for you to be seen by a neurologist.

People tend to assume that once their claim is settled it is too late to reopen it.

That is not necessarily true and NV Legal can act on your behalf to recover what you properly deserve. We will take the necessary steps to obtain your previous solicitor’s file and can advise as to whether or not you have a claim.

We are specialists in professional negligence and work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

To find out if you can make a claim for further compensation please call us on 03330 112 732.


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