Legal review: missed opportunities and lessons learned in 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023, let’s look back at the past year.

Sadly, needless accidents continue, highlighting how important safety measures are in our everyday lives.

This year the government focussed on driver safety, with new rules to protect people on the roads in the future.

We revisit some of the main stories that have helped shape the way we work showing how improved safety could prevent many unnecessary accidents.


We began the year with a significant infant settlement totalling £8,000. Our handling of the situation allowed us to resolve the case for our client.

The unfortunate incident involved a child, who suffered injuries on an inflatable obstacle course at the ExCel.

The repercussions were severe, including a fractured arm, a dislocated elbow, and psychological trauma.

This incident, though regrettable, highlighted the importance of stringent safety measures, that, if in place, could have prevented this avoidable accident.


The government scrapped a graduated licence program for drivers. This was despite a quarter of newly licensed motorists experiencing accidents within their first two years of driving.

Despite acknowledging the program’s potential impact, the government opted to cancel its implementation. Instead, it proposed a comprehensive restructuring of existing driving lessons.


The Ockenden Report uncovered failings within the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. It offered recommendations that applied to all maternity trusts in England.

Between 2000 to 2019, the report scrutinized 1,592 clinical incidents, involving 1,486 families.

Highlighted were the trust’s recurrent lapses in the quality of care and governance, compounded by inadequacies in external bodies overseeing the provided care.

The report found that improved care could have saved 201 infants’ lives, emphasizing the Trust’s failure to conduct thorough investigations into serious incidents.

During the same month, the Welsh government also unveiled plans to pioneer a scheme for tattoo artists—making Wales the first nation to undertake such measures.

Tattoo artists and piercers in Wales are now required to enrol in a compulsory licensing scheme, to improve industry standards.


The government revealed changes to the Highway Code, with an emphasis on self-drive vehicles.

The aim was to guarantee safety for motorists when self-drive vehicles become a common sight on the roads.

The government aims to establish a comprehensive framework by 2025 to ensure its safe and effective integration.


In response to a surge in the frequency of dog attacks, we’ve provided information for dog owners.

There are many causes of dog attacks ranging from inadequate training and neglect to certain breeds’ inherent tendencies.

Taking prompt action and gathering evidence regarding ownership and whether there is valid insurance is imperative in the aftermath of dog attacks. It’s essential to report incidents to the police and gather comprehensive evidence.

This month regrettably, the government also announced that it had no plans to reform a 40-year-old law that prevents relatives from receiving bereavement damages after the death of a child.


This year’s Injury Prevention Week focussed on electric scooters. The aim was to raise awareness about accidents and injuries.

Safety groups say that if the government legalises electric scooters, there will be an influx of up to 750,000 scooters on the roads.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) called for improved safety measures. It wants enforced speed restrictions, a minimum age of 16, compulsory insurance and helmets for riders.


Data from APIL showed car insurance premiums hit a record high this month. Despite the number of motor injury claims falling to a record low.

In 2022/23, the number of motor injury claims was 18% down on the ‘lockdown level’ seen in 2020/21. While the price of motor insurance has dramatically increased post-pandemic, despite insurance companies’ promise to lower premiums.


Who would be responsible if a medical device controlled by AI or a vehicle driven by AI injured you?

APIL responded to a white paper this month recognising the need to adapt to technology but warned that we should not overlook the risks of AI.


The Department for Transport (DfT) launched a pioneering research initiative, aimed at evaluating the safety and performance of electric scooters.

The primary objectives are to ensure the safety of e-scooter riders, improve usability for individuals with disabilities, and contribute to environmental conservation by reducing pollution.

The project will continue until spring next year. While the DfT acknowledges the necessity of a Transport Bill to establish regulations for the use of electric scooters, the timeline for the bill’s implementation remains uncertain.


People suffering from asbestos-related lung cancer could finally get the compensation they deserve if the government changes the current law.

APIL said it was collaborating with the Asbestos Victims Support Group Forum to put an end to the current system of compensation from liable employers.


We reported that two former trampoline park owners were facing prison. After 270 injuries in the space of seven weeks including 11 people with broken backs.

Victoria Davis, Solicitor/Director at NV Legal said: “One accident is too many but to have such an incredibly high number in a short period shows a complete disregard for the health and safety of paying customers”.


The government said that it is the right time for the UK to join Hague 2019. The move would help injured people get redress by providing a common legal framework across jurisdictions in the EU and beyond. APIL said it was a step in the right direction.


2023 has been a transformative journey for personal injury solicitors and their clients. However, our ability to adapt, embrace technology, and advocate for justice positions us well for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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