E-scooter focus of Injury Prevention Week

Thousands of injuries occur every year, including some on e-scooters. Some are so severe that they are life-changing. However, it is frustrating that many of these injuries are preventable.

Injury Prevention Week, which runs for a week every year, aims to raise awareness about accidents and injuries. This year it runs from 27th June to the 1st of July and will focus on e-scooters.


The recent Queen’s Speech mentioned e-scooters. Safety groups expect that the government will change the law soon.  As a result, legalising privately-owned scooters on public roads.

Under current legislation, only e-scooters that are part of rental schemes can use public roads.

Safety groups say that if the government legalised privately-owned scooters, there will be an influx of up to 750,000 e-scooters on the roads.

Apil wants enforced speed restrictions, a minimum age of 16, compulsory insurance and compulsory helmets for riders if e-scooters become legal on public roads.

In 2021 there were almost 900 casualties from collisions involving e-scooters. Some injuries were catastrophic, and some resulted in death.

E-scooter Headlines

In this week’s news alone, these are some of the headlines:

‘Girl, 6, suffers broken leg after being hit by e-scooter’

‘Boy, 14, questioned after woman dies following e-scooter crash’

‘Surge in number of Londoners seriously injured in e-scooter crashes’

‘Blaze in London started by resident charging e-scooter in flat’

APIL president, John McQuater, said: “This is not just about the riders, as a quarter of injuries involving e-scooters are suffered by pedestrians and other road users.

“Education and training about e-scooters should be included as part of the motor driving test. All road users need to be clear about safe passing distances and rights of way.”

E-scooter Safety

With scooter use set to increase, safety is an important issue for everyone whether they use e-scooters or not.

Through Injury Prevention Week APIL wants to highlight important issues.

For instance, the legislative, and practical, measures which would help to protect people and reduce the number of these incidents.

How to ride an e-scooter

Know how to ride – Read the user manual even if you think you know what you are doing

Watch out – Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the handlebars. Do not look at the view or answer your phone.

Check your scooter – Run a check of the basic components before each ride. Check tyres, brakes and the battery. Look for any damage to the scooter

Safety gear – Wear a helmet. The most common form of injury on an e-scooter is head trauma. A helmet is a no-brainer especially as you’ll be traveling at 15mph or more

Lights – If your scooter doesn’t come with lights, buy some. You could be riding when you need them

Weather – Try not to ride in bad weather. Road conditions can be poor in rain or snow

Double riding – Scooters carry one person only. Do not offer lifts to your friends

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