General Election 2019 – law and justice

On the day of the General Election, political parties have completed their campaigning. Manifestos have been published and party leaders have done their best to sway those voters teetering in the middle of two or more parties.

We look at what the main parties will offer in terms of law and justice if they are elected today.


  • Will look at the broader aspects of our constitution including access to justice for ordinary people.
  • Pass the Domestic Abuse Bill, which will legally require councils to provide secure homes for those who are a victim of domestic violence.
  • Increase support for refuges and community support for victims of rape and sexual abuse. Pilot integrated domestic abuse courts that address criminal and family matters in parallel.
  • Plans to recruit 20,000 new police officers and create 10,000 more prison places.
  • Tougher sentencing for the worst offenders and end automatic halfway release for serious crimes.
  • Make it easier to stop and search those convicted of knife crime.


  • Employers’ liability claims will be exempt from the proposed increase to the limit for small claims.
  • Review the eligibility for criminal injuries compensation.
  • Ensure legal aid for inquests into deaths in state custody.
  • Establish a Royal Commission to bring health (including mental health) and safety legislation up to date.
  • Plans to recruit 2,000 more police officers than the Conservatives and restore prison officer numbers.
  • Develop a public health approach to drugs.
  • Halt court closures, cuts to staff and undertake a review of the courts reform programme. Facilitate a more representative judiciary while upholding its independence, and review funding for the Crown Prosecution Service.

Liberal Democrat

  • Extend legal rights to cohabiting couples in the event of a partner’s death.
  • Defend the Human Rights Act and the UK’s commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Pledge £1 billion to restore community policing and develop a public health approach to serious violence.
  • Plans to legalise Cannabis.

Brexit Party

  • Plans to reform the Supreme Court. They want judges who play a role in politics to be subject to political scrutiny.
  • Ensure political balance by broadening participation in the selection commission or conduct interviews by parliamentary committee.
  • Increase police numbers and tackle violent crime.

Green Party

  • Defend the Human Rights Act and the UK’s commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Focus on restorative justice which will significantly reduce the number of short-term prison sentences, in the hope of reducing reoffending.

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