How to choose a personal injury solicitor

We make choices every day in life, choosing the best school for our children, which transport to use or where to dine.

Choices are often based on recommendations or research and it is no different for the legal industry. If you have been involved in an accident or have an injury or illness which was not your fault you will need to choose a personal injury solicitor.

Personal injury solicitors help people secure fair compensation following an accident that was someone else’s fault. They not only obtain compensation but will arrange medical appointments, rehabilitation, X-Rays, MRI scans and psychological therapy. A solicitor will work with you and advise on the evidence required to pursue a claim. Your solicitor will also liaise with the insurance company and arrange for you to be medically examined by an independent medical expert who will prepare a report for the court.

Some injuries such as soft tissue damage can be relatively minor, and recovery can take a few months. However, more serious cases can involve loss of limbs, brain or spinal injuries or psychological trauma and recovery can take several years. Not only impacting the injured person but also their family and friends, often resulting in a complete lifestyle change.

Often defendants in personal injury cases are represented by insurance firms who use their own lawyers, so it is essential that you instruct an experienced solicitor who specialises in personal injury law.

Timing is important as you only have three years from the date of your accident or date of knowledge of illness or negligence to bring a claim. This means that court proceedings must be issued within three years of you being injured or first being aware that you have suffered an injury/illness due to someone else’s negligence. If you are under the age of 18 years, you have until your 21st birthday to claim.




Choosing a solicitor who understands your needs and situation is vital as personal injury solicitors may have experience or particular expertise in different fields.

The Law Society’s website ‘Find a Solicitor’ has a database of almost 200,000 solicitors. Run by the Law Society, it is a free service for anyone looking for information about organisations or people providing legal services in England and Wales that are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

You can check whether solicitors are regulated by the SRA as companies will display the SRA badge on their website. CLICK HERE to see the badge displayed at the bottom of the home screen page.

The Law Society says: “Legal issues can be confusing and complex. Using a solicitor means they can guide you through legal processes, let you know what choices are available and answer your questions. Getting early advice from a solicitor means you’ll have the support of a trained legal professional who will understand your circumstances and work to obtain the best possible outcome for you.”




  1. Ask for recommendations – It is illegal for solicitors to use referral services or to cold call. The Solicitors Code of Conduct prohibits solicitors from cold calling. If you do receive such a call it is likely to be from an unregulated firm not a solicitor. Solicitors recently ranked the highest for service satisfaction in the largest ever survey of legal needs. If you know someone who has claimed for personal injury, ask for recommendations. Ask about their experiences and what they liked or did not like about the firm they used.
  1. Research – There are many law firms operating in the UK offering a wide range of legal services from family law to conveyancing, criminal law to immigration. If you have been injured, look for a solicitor who specialises in personal injury as this is a niche area especially if you have suffered a serious injury.
  1. Experience – A proven track record could mean the difference between winning and losing a case or the amount you settle for. Solicitors should have testimonials or previous case examples to share with you. NV Legal has a dedicated website page ‘Success Stories’  which outlines some of the cases we have previously worked on. You could also check the company’s social media pages which are often updated more regularly than the company website. Visit our pages at:  Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn
  1. Expertise – Some companies use legal professionals such as paralegals, legal experts or claim handlers rather than experienced solicitors. Always ask if your representative is a qualified solicitor. At NV Legal your case will be handled by a dedicated solicitor from start to finish. Our solicitors have sensible caseloads and your only contact will be with a qualified solicitor from day one.
  1. Fees – The term ‘no-win no fee’ is often used by personal injury solicitors. NV Legal works on a no-win no-fee basis. This means if your claim is not successful you do not pay our fees. For more information on our fees CLICK HERE
  1. Book a consultation – If you are thinking about starting a claim for personal injury book a free consultation with one of NV Legal’s qualified and experienced solicitors.


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