Keep your children safe this winter

In 2019 reported road accidents killed 1,752 people with 26,000 people seriously injured. Of those killed, 39 were children aged 15 or under.

The stats from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) are a sobering read. More so because many of these could have been prevented.


The October clock change usually coincides with an increase in the number of incidents.

RoSPA says: “In 2019, pedestrian deaths rose from 33 in September and 36 in October, to 54 in November and 57 in December. This is a trend we see every year.”

There are 20 more serious road crashes per day after the clocks go back, according to the RAC Foundation.

Analysis of police data from the past six years shows that in the two weeks after the autumn clock change incidents increased.

According to independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, scrapping the October clock change could save 80 lives a year.

The UK could reduce the number of people killed on our roads by 4.5% and save the economy £160 million.

Currently, the government has no plans to abolish the clock change despite calls from road safety groups.


Although the nights draw in, we can prevent many accidents involving children. Making your children aware of the dangers and introducing a few safety measures could help to prevent an incident.

Keep your children safe this winter with these safety tips:

  • Wear high-vis, reflective or bright clothing. Buy school bags and coats with reflective strips
  • Warn children about the dangers of crossing roads in the dark
  • Avoid listening to music or looking at a phone while walking down the street
  • Wear a cycle helmet if on a bike
  • Have lights and a bell fitted to a bike
  • Be streetwise and aware of your surroundings


The Child Brain Injury Trust campaigns every year to prevent needless brain and head injuries in children.

The charity is running a GloWeek campaign this year from October 25th to 31st. It aims to raise awareness of children being seen, not hurt when the days become shorter in the winter months.

It is encouraging everyone to get involved by sending a photo of you and/or your team in your brightest outfit to

The brighter you are the more you will glow and the more you will be supporting families affected by brain injury.

To take part, The Child Brain Injury Trust is asking for a minimum donation of £5 per person or £20 for a group. There will be a prize for best dressed.

The trust has created some e-learning sessions, one aimed at Year five (10-year-olds) and under and one for over 11s. These are resources that schools and parents can use. Access them and donate here: Be Seen, Not Hurt – Child Brain Injury Trust


If any of these issues affect you our solicitors can provide free legal advice. NV Legal has a specialist team of solicitors experienced in dealing with children involved in road incidents. If you or someone you know has sustained an injury, contact us for advice.

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