Moped pothole accident – six figure settlement

Our client was riding her moped along a public road when her front wheel went into a large pothole causing her to lose control and be thrown from the vehicle.

She suffered a significant mid-shaft, femoral fracture to the left leg, requiring surgery and substantial soft tissue damage and psychological trauma.

The claim was initially pursued against the council but they had inspected the relevant section of the highway shortly before the accident and raised a works order for the repair to be carried out the same day as the inspection, to their contractors Skanska.

Skanska failed to make the repairs that day. As a result of their failure to repair the pothole, our client sustained injury and Skanska subsequently admitted responsibility.

We were able to arrange rehabilitation for her and secure an interim payment, eventually settling for a six-figure sum on an amicable basis without issuing proceedings in court.

Our client said: “Thank you so much for all your hard work and support, I’m very happy with the outcome you’ve be amazing and helped me through a traumatic time in my life, I can now move on and enjoy my grandchildren.” KR