New guide is must-have read for anyone involved in an accident, injury or loss

A new guide for anyone who has been involved in an accident, is now available. Covering sensitive topics such as losing a child, PTSD and being unable to save a workmate, it’s an invaluable read for anyone who has sustained an injury, illness or loss.

The guide, which looks at personal injury law and why it matters to those who need it, also covers areas such as the role of the lawyer, types of lawyer and compensation breakdown. Written in plain English it serves as a reference for anyone who could be due compensation.

The guide states: “Behind the hyperbole, the fact remains that people claiming damages should not have been injured in the first place and must be able to put their lives back on track.”

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), launched ‘Reality Check’, in the House of Commons last week.

APIL said: “We want parliamentarians, journalists, and opinion formers to remember the stories of real injured people the next time reform issues come onto the agenda. The principle of helping injured people get back on track when their lives have been shattered by negligence, must never be eroded.”

The booklet, produced by APIL asks opinion formers and decision makers to think about the real people behind personal injury claims and look beyond the hype about insurance premiums and legal costs.

APIL added: “Justice committee chairman Bob Neill was among those who attended the launch, which was hosted by Labour MP and former APIL member Martin Whitfield. The booklet attracted the interest of MPs from all jurisdictions, including Scottish Labour deputy leader Lesley Laid, and Democratic Unionist Party MPs David Simpson and Paul Girvan.

“Conversations with politicians covered a variety of topics, such as why injured people make claims against the NHS, and the unfairness of bereavement damages in England and Wales. Ongoing concerns about the Government’s approach to small claims reform were also raised with Bob Neill.”

Click here to read the booklet in full.

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