NV Legal applies SRA badge ahead of November deadline

A recent ruling by the High Court has outlined the importance of dealing with qualified solicitors in personal injury cases.

The High Court found a ‘legal adviser’ negligent in a criminal negligence case after he claimed his experience was on par with a solicitor or barrister. George Rusz of Romford business Troy Lucas & Co was ordered to pay £263,759 in damages, plus £73,200 in costs after the claimant was left without any evidence.

The ruling means that un-regulated or un-qualified legal advisers including paralegals will be held to the standards of a solicitor if found to be negligent.

Individuals with little or no legal training may establish a company offering legal advice, however they may operate without professional indemnity insurance and would not be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

The recent ruling highlights the importance of dealing with qualified solicitors such as those at NV Legal, rather than a claims management company. NV Legal only employs Grade A solicitors and you only deal with a qualified solicitor from day one.

As NV Legal is approved, authorised and regulated by the SRA clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

The SRA continually adapts and recently announced new regulations, which will allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work – making it easier for people to get help.

The new regulations come into effect on 25 November 2019 and the removal of many prescriptive rules will reduce the burden on solicitors and law firms and allow solicitors greater freedom to use their professional judgement in considering how they meet the standards.

Key changes include:

• Creating separate codes of conduct for firms and solicitors
• Simpler Account Rules that focus on the principles of keeping client    money safe, rather than lots of specific technical rules
• Freeing up solicitors to carry out ‘non-reserved’ legal work from within a business not regulated by a legal services regulator
• Allowing solicitors to provide reserved legal services on a freelance basis

Coinciding with the introduction of Standards and Regulations, November will also see the SRA Digital Badge becoming a mandatory requirement for all regulated firms who run a website.

First launched on a voluntary basis in December 2018, the badge uses smart technology to confirm to website visitors that a specific firm is regulated. It also provides a firm-specific link to information on the protections that this status provides to potential customers.

NV Legal has applied the SRA Digital Badge ahead of the SRA’s November deadline. Click here for more information.