Success story – trip over a road ramp

It is always humbling to receive positive feedback from clients especially for a successful outcome.

In this case Mrs W sustained multiple injuries after tripping on an unmarked ramp. We recovered compensation for her, supported the family and delivered the justice she was seeking.

Mrs W was crossing the road outside the train station, when suddenly she tripped on a ramp leading to the middle of the crossing, resulting in her accident and injuries. The mid-section of the crossing was altered and raised by around three to five inches. 

At the time of the accident the ramp was unmarked and the raised section was difficult to distinguish from the road. However, approximately a week after the accident yellow warning arrows were painted on the ramp to highlight its presence.

Mrs W believes the defendant was at fault because they had a duty-of-care to people crossing the road. She believed that there should have been warning signs to indicate the presence of the ramp and to make people aware of any hazards.

Following the accident Mrs W attended hospital, where her injuries were confirmed and treated.

She suffered injuries to her face, lip and right leg and was restricted from working for a week.

The Defendant (London Borough of Croydon) accepted primary liability but argued contributory negligence.  We disputed the allegation as there was no evidence to suggest that she was in anyway at fault.  We obtained a medical report to confirm her injuries and on disclosure of it and evidence of her out-of-pocket expenses the Defendant offered £3,000 to settle her claim.  We rejected the offer as being wholly inadequate and negotiated an increase to £7,000.