Success Story – a slip at work

If you have suffered an accident at work, the decision to bring a claim can be a difficult one. In most cases this will be against your employer or may be a complaint levelled at a fellow employee.

It may be a worker or workers from other companies/contractors who you come into contact in the course of your work.

In this case, our client was working at Subway as a sandwich preparer and slipped on a wet floor.

The slippery floor was left by a cleaner who had not warned the employees and had not left a ‘wet floor’ sign out as a precaution or warning to others. 

Liability was admitted by the employer, but our client suffered back and wrist injuries which required further investigation. This involved an MRI scan and thereafter treatment which we arranged privately for her. 

We also investigated increased seizure activity and psychological trauma before considering whether these symptoms were accident related. The case settled within 18 months without recourse to the court, for £6,000.00.

Any accident, regardless of its severity can have a long-lasting impact on wellbeing, confidence, mental and physical health and finances.

Accidents can happen anywhere – whether it’s an accident at work, at school, a road traffic accident or a fall, NV Legal’s team of personal injury solicitors are committed to providing an efficient, compassionate and expert legal service.

If you have had an accident at work and would like advice on whether you may be eligible for compensation, call NV Legal. We are experienced in dealing with all types of claims.

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