Success story – Accident at work £4,000 compensation

Employers have a duty to ensure you have a safe workplace and a safe system of work but safety can often be neglected, and accidents can happen.

Our client was unloading goods from a metal cage which toppled over onto him causing lacerations to his elbow and leg. Following an investigation into the accident, the cage was found to be faulty.

We pursued the employer who admitted liability. However, the employer sought to deduct 30% from the compensation claim as they argued that the client was properly trained and experienced.

After consideration, we rejected the deduction and the case eventually settled for the sum of £4,000 which was 100% of the original claim.

The case concluded in less than six months which was a fantastic result for the client.

He said: “I would like to thank you and all your staff members for the excellent service you have provided. You have been very helpful from the start with your advice. You and your team have made it easy to communicate and I would recommend your services.” KA