Success Story – Forklift injury £6,632 compensation

Our client strained his lower back at work while driving a defective forklift truck over an uneven floor which caused the forklift to become unbalanced and tip over whilst he was inside.

We managed to obtain an admission of liability from his employer within one month of being instructed to act on his behalf.

As part of the legal process, we obtained medical evidence and negotiated a settlement of £6632.35 which was paid within a year of initiating the claim.

Our client said, “NV Legal is a very professional and dedicated service with great communication keeping you up-to-date as things change. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.”

Working in a factory inherently poses more risks than those employed in office-based roles. Large machinery, fork-lift trucks, hazardous materials and long shift patterns can all create additional risk and increase the chances of sustaining an injury.

Risk management and health and safety procedures should be enforced within factory environments and your employers have a duty to ensure you have a safe workplace and a safe system of work.

This includes providing appropriate clothing, training and tools for the job as well as ensuring there are no risks from falls from height, fire, poisonous chemicals and many other factory-related dangers.

All employers should hold an Employer’s Liability insurance policy. This type of insurance policy will cover the company in the event of an employee injuring themselves at work also covering any compensation they may claim.

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