Success Story – Pavement trip £5,500 compensation

Local Authorities have a responsibility to make sure that public highways such as pavements and roads are maintained to a reasonable standard and do not present a hazard to pedestrians.

You may have a claim if you have fallen due to a raised or rocking paving slab or broken kerb stone, broken or uneven tarmac, a pothole or uncovered manhole, an uneven surface, a worn or frayed carpet, liquid or food spillage on a shop or restaurant floor or trailing wires and cables.

Our client tripped over uneven paving stones outside a public house, sustaining injuries which caused pain and suffering for nine months.

Broken bones and fractures can impact significantly making even the simplest daily tasks challenging or impossible with the injured person often relying on the dedicated care of relatives and professionals.

We are passionate about securing the support and best medical and rehabilitative care possible.

In this case liability was eventually admitted, medical evidence obtained and a settlement of £5,500 achieved within 15 months.

Our client said: “I would like to express my gratitude to NV Legal for all their hard work, patience and time regarding my case. They were extremely professional in pursuing my case until they achieved the result.”