Success story – Pothole trip £10,000 compensation

Our client tripped in a pothole resulting in injuries to her left shoulder. The accident happened in December 2017 and she contacted us in March 2018.

The local Council denied responsibility for the area around the pothole. However, a solicitor at NV Legal was able to ascertain the company who owned the land and redirected the claim accordingly.

Liability was finally admitted, and the case proceeded.

Our client’s injuries required an MRI scan. NV Legal arranged this for her and in the meantime secured an interim payment on account of her claim for compensation.

NV Legal also arranged steroid injections and physiotherapy at no cost to our client.

The case settled and just over £10,000 was awarded in compensation. The case took just 18 months to reach a successful conclusion.

If you have fallen or tripped and sustained injuries which were not your fault, contact NV Legal for a FREE consultation.

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