We look back at some of the major news stories in 2022. What a year!


The Department for Transport stopped Smart Motorways following a government inquiry. Several high-profile news stories involving fatalities dominated the headlines. We agreed with the news. There have been too many needless deaths with broken-down vehicles hit from behind.


The Highway Code had a major revamp in February. It amended a total of 33 rules along with the introduction of two new rules. The changes affect motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. We covered the news in depth in our monthly blogs.


The government announced plans to introduce a licence for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Including Botox and fillers. We welcomed the decision as it protects those using aesthetic procedures.


The government published the Ockenden Report. It showed that hundreds of babies could have survived if the hospital trust had provided better care.


The government announced plans to change the way it pays compensation to injured NHS patients.

We expressed concerns as the proposals would not solve safety issues in the NHS and could even increase claims.


June’s Injury Prevention Week focused on e-scooter safety. It is an ongoing issue that we have covered in detail in our blogs.


We raised awareness for people living with sight and hearing loss during Deaf Blind Awareness Week. More than 400,000 people in the UK are living with both sight and hearing loss, and it can affect anyone.


Safety bodies discussed new rules for cyclists. The possible introduction of third-party insurance. Following the same speed restrictions as drivers and registration plates on bikes.


Figures showed that the number of crashes involving electric scooters skyrocketed 193% last year. Another worrying statistic on electric scooters.


During Baby Loss Awareness week, we provided information on the support available for parents. Figures show that one in four pregnancies ends in baby loss.


As the days became colder, we highlighted the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Known as the silent killer our blog showed how to avoid a tragedy occurring.


There has been a huge drop in workers claiming compensation for workplace injuries and illness. Covid and the cost-of-living crisis may be a reason employees are not taking legal action against their employers.


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