Success Story – Infant Settlement £8,000 compensation

On 21st October 2018, our client visited ExCeL London with his parents.

There was a bouncy castle obstacle course set up inside the ExCel. It was within the Kidtropolis part of the venue.

He wanted to play on it. With no age restrictions displayed they agreed and allowed him on. They did note that it seemed very busy and there appeared to be no staff around.

After a short while, another parent brought the child to his parents from the end of the course.


He was crying and holding his left arm, it transpired he had been playing on the bouncy castle. A much older boy had pushed him over and he fell off the unsupervised inflatable.

He fell and landed awkwardly on his left arm. Seriously injuring himself.

The fall resulted in a fracture of the arm and a dislocation of the elbow and psychological injury.

Thankfully he went on to make a full recovery. From both his physical and psychological injuries.

The Defendant refused to accept liability and proceedings were issued in court.


However, before the trial they made an offer and the case settled for £8,000.

There was an application for an Infant Settlement Approval Hearing and a judge approved the settlement. We were able to successfully resolve matters for our client.


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